I started working with the arrival of the first digital colour corrector for Digital Intermediate in Spain at the Madrid Film Lab. Later on I had the opportunity to continue my career as a senior colourist in the Creative Services department of Technicolor Spain, working mainly for film with prestigious directors.

In 2012, we decided to create our own studio and since then I have enjoyed my profession as a colourist in Spain and occasionally abroad for co-productions.


I have been working in postproduction for 20 years. I started working at the historic Madrid Film Lab as a Telecine colorist and then as a D.I. colorist. Later, I continued my career at Technicolor Spain, where I dedicated myself exclusively to the digital colour correction of feature films, supervising the digital and photochemical workflow from the Creative Services department.

A few years ago, I decided to create my own boutique specialising in colour grading where I have found the perfect relaxed atmosphere to work in.